Principal’s Message

At Precious Blood Catholic School, we believe in providing a safe and caring Christ-filled inclusive environment, where we support and develop the whole child to their fullest potential. This is accomplished through the commitment of building and maintaining strong relationships between home, school, and our Parish, based on the foundation of respect and the values of Catholic faith.  Our commitment is to provide exceptional Catholic Education, which will foster the development of our students’ spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual talents and abilities.  We believe everyone has the right to experience a safe and inclusive environment that ensures individuals are treated with dignity and respect. We understand that each student is unique, and we celebrate individual qualities and gifts. Students learn the importance of living their faith and caring about one another.  


Our hope is that parents and the community find this website a useful source of information about our school.  Here you will find school newsletters, calendars, staff information, and helpful hints that will enable you to support your child’s education, or to learn more about how we work for the Greater Glory of God.  Weekly email updates to the parent community will provide a rich profile of the events and people that make Precious Blood an incredible place to expand the mind, body, and soul.  Families are invited to join us for all of our monthly masses, or to drop in at one of our up-coming school functions. 


It is indeed a privilege to serve such a great school in my role as principal. I am proud of our school’s many accomplishments and will continue to remain committed and dedicated to our school vision and mission.   

Yours in peace, 


Rhonda Regier 


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